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Radon Mitigation in Kittery, Maine 03904-5470

Upon receiving a request from a Kittery, ME resident, Maine Radon & Water Treatment conducted an assessment of their home's air quality for radon. Upon discovering elevated radon levels, we promptly installed a sub-slab radon air system to mitigate concentration, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment for the homeowners. This effective solution contributes to our expanding roster of satisfied customers.

Radon Mitigation in Kittery Point, Maine 03905-5639

In Kittery Point, Maine, a homeowner sought help from Maine Radon & Water Treatment to assess their home's indoor air quality. Radon Gas Testing revealed dangerous radon levels, leading to discussions about potential solutions. Choosing to install a radon air mitigation system, we completed the process efficiently. If you're worried about similar issues in your home, don't hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.



Radon Mitigation in York, ME 03909

Maine Radon & Water Treatment was called in to inspect a home in York, Maine. The client was a tenant but would like to ensure her family's safety by installing a radon air mitigation system to keep their indoor air quality safe. Our radon inspectors check the house and surrounding area. It was a tricky situation because there were not many great spots to install the system. We provided the client with the options and informed her that the recommended location would be the back right corner. We finished installing using sub-slab depressurization and it was effective in reducing the radon gas levels. If you're concerned with the radon gas levels in your home, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will provide you a free estimate.


Radon Mitigation in South Berwick, ME 03908

Maine Radon & Environmental was commissioned to install a radon mitigation system in a home located in South Berwick, Maine. The client had conducted radon gas level tests in their house previously and sought remediation. Following a complimentary consultation, they were satisfied with our approach and design. Post-installation, radon levels returned to safe levels, leaving another delighted client.

Radon Mitigation in Lebanon, Maine 04027-3916

When a caring homeowner in Lebanon, Maine, contacted us about radon worries, we understood the importance of their family's safety. Detecting high radon levels during our inspection was concerning, knowing the risks involved. With their well-being in mind, we swiftly installed a powerful radon mitigation system.  Aside from the radon air mitigation system, we also installed E99 radon water unit. We made sure to install first the sediment filter before that. We cut out from the wall and moved the electrical outlet. The client was present and satisfied with the installation. If you also want a radon-safe home, feel free to contact us anytime for a free quote.

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