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Existing Radon Mitigation System Inspection and Upgrades in Southern and Central Maine

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Is your radon mitigation system in Maine more than five years old? Maine Radon & Environmental recommends that your system be inspected to ensure that it is functioning properly and protecting you and your family from radon exposure.

In fact, the EPA urges all homeowners to have their radon mitigation systems tested every two years to ensure the system's efficacy.

Particularly, if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, inspecting your mitigation system should be at the top of your list to ensure that it meets code requirements. This way, you'll avoid any contingencies on the sale of your house.

As a certified member of the renowned National Radon Defense Network, Maine Radon & Environmental has the training, tools, and experience necessary to help you lower radon levels in your Windham home.

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Reasons to have your radon mitigation system inspected:

  • Homes change and settle over time.
  • Radon can enter from different locations as your home settles.
  • Radon fans typically last seven to eight years.
  • Warranties for radon fans typically expire after five years.
  • Over time, radon fan motors will corrode and become less effective.
  • EPA urges homeowners to have their radon systems inspected every two years.
  • Your radon mitigation system may no longer be functioning properly.
  • Radon is the primary cause of lung cancer amongst non-smokers in this country.
  • At one point, your home had elevated radon levels because of the soil beneath your home.

Our radon mitigation system inspection includes:

  • Diagnostic analysis conducted to ensure the appropriate gauge of radon fan is installed
  • Foundation inspection to check for additional points of radon entry
  • Radon pipe examined for leaks
  • Measurement of relative humidity
  • Radon pipes examined and secured tightly to supports
  • System inspected to ensure compliance with local and national health department, mechanical, electrical, fire, building, plumbing, and energy codes
  • Analysis of noise level
  • Radon test performed

Available system upgrades:

  • Aesthetic options to enhance the look of your system
  • Adjustments for code compliance
  • Solutions for reducing noise
  • Sealing off any additional entry points for radon
  • Performance of a diagnostic analysis to ensure the appropriate gauge of fan is installed
  • Brand new Premium Radon Fan installation and warranty for five years, with an optional ten year warranty
  • Improvements in Indoor Air Quality
  • Additional radon test following improvements

For some repairs, additional charges may apply--all charges are approved by the customer before action is taken

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