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Hard Water Results

Hard water leaves distinctive grime on your appliances and plumbing that can lead to long term damage and clogs if left unattended.

Have you noticed a strange taste in your water? Have you had pipes get clogged recently? Maybe you're constantly cleaning up soap scum or getting strange stains? All of these are signs that you might have hard water.

Hard water is caused by mineral build up in your water and can be a major problem for a home. Not only does it make your home less comfortable in many ways, it also costs you money by clogging pipes and lowering the life of water based appliances. Luckily the water quality experts at Maine Radon & Environmental are here to help. We can install a quality softener which will remove the minerals from your water and restore your home to normal.

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Hard water is a common, irritating, and costly problem

When your water passes through mineral deposits sometimes it picks up some of these minerals. Generally it picks up calcium and magnesium, but sometimes it can also pick up minerals like iron, manganese, and aluminum. While a tiny amount of minerals in your water is not a problem, too much can make your water hard.

Hard water is a major problem. Not only does hard water often carry harmful bacteria, but it also damages your appliances and causes discomfort. Because of the mineral deposits this water is harder to process for appliances and can cut their lifespans in half. The mineral debris can also build up in your pipes and cause costly clogs.

Remove hardness from your water with a water softener

While there are a wide range of water softening systems, all work roughly the same way. When hard water passes into the system it is passed through a resin bed. This resin bed removes the excess minerals and lets only the softened water pass into your home. This ensures that you'll no longer have to put up with uncomfortable water that causes clogs and lowers the lifespans of your appliances.


Robert E. Prescott Jr. founded the R.E. Prescott Company in 1954. They create unique and innovative solutions that satisfy the demands of an ever-changing water system, wastewater, and water treatment market. They offer an experienced understanding of successful applications, lending credibility to their distinguished product line.

Enjoy soft water that is iron and manganese-free with Entipur® water softeners. All Entipur® softeners monitor your water and regenerate only when needed.

Benefits of Entipur® water softeners:

  • High-efficiency performance
  • Low salt consumption
  • Saves you money on water, energy, & salt
  • Better-tasting, healthy water that is iron & manganese-free

Water-Right® develops some of the finest water treatment systems, making it easy for industry professionals to satisfy today’s demand for the highest quality water. Keeping water clean and safe is an increasingly difficult challenge. That’s why they push to make better products, create industry-leading technology, and offer a state-certified, independent lab specializing in water testing. It’s about making life better as well as providing “The Right Water for Life.”

Get the clear, soft water you want. Impression Series® water softeners solve water challenges. Day and night, your water will perform like it should, creating rich lathers with less soap and rinsing cleaner without film or residue. Plus, your appliances will perform at their peak, your clothes and towels will be softer, and your hair will be silkier!

Impression Series® water softener models:

  • Impression Plus® RC Softener/Filter: the trusted whole-house water purification system
  • Impression Plus® Twin System: the water treatment system for around-the-clock use

Benefits of the Impression Series® water softeners:

  • Meter monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on household trends of water consumption
  • Easily programmed for optimum performance
  • Solid-state microprocessor control
  • Easy-to-read LED screen with a user-friendly console
  • Flexible “adjustable cycle sequence” programming — saves salt and water
  • Advanced history and diagnostic screens and lithium battery backup
  • Features an optional weather cover for outdoor installations

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