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Radon Mitigation in York, ME 03909

Radon Mitigation in York, ME 03909

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Radon Mitigation in York, ME 03909 Radon Mitigation in York, ME 03909

Maine Radon & Water Treatment was called in to inspect a home in York, Maine. The client was a tenant but would like to ensure her family's safety by installing a radon air mitigation system to keep their indoor air quality safe. Our radon inspectors check the house and surrounding area. It was a tricky situation because there were not many great spots to install the system. We provided the client with the options and informed her that the recommended location would be the back right corner. We finished installing using sub-slab depressurization and it was effective in reducing the radon gas levels. If you're concerned with the radon gas levels in your home, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will provide you a free estimate.


Radon Air system in Brave Boat Harbor Rd

Radon Air system in Brave Boat Harbor Rd

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Radon Air system in Brave Boat Harbor Rd Radon Air system in Brave Boat Harbor Rd

Resting in the quaint town of Brave Boat Harbor Rd, Maine, a homeowner grew increasingly worried about the potential radon threat lurking in their residence. Seeking professional guidance, they turned to Maine Radon & Water Treatment for assistance. Our dedicated team swiftly conducted a comprehensive radon assessment, uncovering elevated radon levels that posed a risk to their well-being. With expertise and precision, we installed a state-of-the-art radon mitigation system, effectively reducing the radon concentrations and creating a safe haven for the homeowner and their family. Their gratitude and satisfaction further strengthened our reputation as the go-to provider of radon solutions in the area.

Radon Mitigation in York, ME, USA

Radon Mitigation in York, ME, USA

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Radon Mitigation in York, ME, USA Radon Mitigation in York, ME, USA

Upon receiving a concerned message from a homeowner in York, Maine, troubled by radon issues, we leaped into action, conducting a meticulous investigation. Our in-depth analysis uncovered elevated radon levels, indicating potential risks for the household. With the family's safety as our top priority, we swiftly implemented a radon mitigation system. At Maine Radon & Water Treatment, our sincere commitment is woven into crafting homes that are both safer and healthier, exemplifying our specialized expertise in addressing radon concerns.

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York’s reliable radon mitigation & radon testing specialist

Maine Radon & Environmental is York, ME’s dependable provider of radon testing, radon mitigation, and indoor air quality services. Did you know that 15,000 to 20,000 people die in the United States as a result of radon-caused lung cancer? Radon is particularly dangerous because it is invisible and odorless, which means it can only be detected with the help of a certified professional. Luckily, Maine Radon & Environmental’s experts have extensive training and the tools necessary to both detect radon and keep levels low.

Exceptional radon testing, mitigation & indoor air quality services in York:

  • Radon Inspection
  • Radon Testing
  • Radon Mitigation
  • HUD Multi-Family Radon Testing
  • HUD Multi-Family Radon Mitigation
  • Vapor Intrusion Mitigation
  • Dehumidification Systems
  • And more!

Improve your indoor air quality with the help of Maine Radon & Environmental! Get in touch with us at 1-844-575-0668 or simply click below to schedule your free quote in York, ME and beyond in York County.

Indoor air quality professional in York

Not only can Maine Radon & Environmental help you with all your radon testing and mitigation needs, but we can also help eliminate other indoor air pollutants that threaten your family’s health. When you contact us about concerns with air quality, our specialists will inform you about your overall indoor air quality and provide you with any necessary systems, including an indoor air cleaner, dehumidifier system, or a combination of solutions.

  • Allergens
  • Mold Spores
  • Chemical Pollutants
  • Particles
  • High Humidity

You can count on Maine Radon & Environmental to help you get rid of any harmful air pollutants in your York, ME home. Give us a call today or complete the provided form to schedule your free estimate!

High-quality water softeners & other water treatment services

From high manganese to chlorine and iron, there are many ways water contamination can impact the home and your family. Up to 45 million Americans are exposed to hazardous water contamination a year. These contaminants and pollutants can also strain plumbing, water-using appliances, and other fixtures, causing stains, lowering their efficiency, and decaying surfaces.

But there is no reason to worry. Maine Radon & Environmental is here to help with a wide range of water treatment solutions, including whole-house water filters, water softeners, drinking water systems, and more.

Our water treatment services:

  • Water testing
  • Whole-house water filters
  • Water softeners
  • Water conditioners
  • UV water purification
  • Drinking water systems

Whether you're worried about manganese, iron, arsenic, chlorine, bacteria, or radon, we can provide personalized water treatment services based on the results of thorough water testing! Schedule water testing or a free water treatment estimate to learn more. We serve Maine, including York and areas nearby.

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