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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis goes against the normal process of osmosis in order to remove harmful contaminants.

Many Americans take their drinking water for granted. We simply assume that the water that passes through our faucets is clean. Unfortunately this is often not the case. Roughly one in four homes are estimated to receive water filled with harmful contaminants.

Some have turned to store bought water filters to attempt to ensure they'll still have clean drinking water. Unfortunately these filters are ineffective and fail to remove many important contaminants. Luckily there is a better way. Here at Maine Radon & Environmental we offer drinking water systems that can filter your water for all of these dangerous contaminants using reverse osmosis.

Interested in ensuring your home gets clean water that you can trust to be safe for you and your family? The water treatment experts at Maine Radon & Environmental have just the drinking water system you need. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Windham, Portland, Brunswick, & nearby!

Remove even the most difficult contaminants with reverse osmosis

Osmosis is the process where water in a weaker saline solution generally migrates to a stronger saline solution. In other words, fresh water generally flows into saltier water. Reverse osmosis reverses this process by applying pressure to the salt water and pushing it into the freshwater.

In a reverse osmosis drinking water system a semipermeable membrane is placed between the fresh and saltwater. This allows the water particles to cross but stops contaminants from making their way across. This makes the reverse osmosis drinking water system one of the most reliable ways to remove unwanted contaminants from your water.


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System features:

  • This system is pre-assembled and comes with an easy, professional installation of a 4-stage or 5-stage RO unit.
  • Provides high rejection, thin film membrane that is 98% efficient with a 50-gallon-a-day 4-stage or 75-gallon-a-day 5-stage capacity.
  • Meets NSF standard 58, CE certified, polypropylene tank rated 100 psi.
  • All fittings, tubing, housings, valves, cartridges, and membranes are NSF listed or made from NSF-listed materials.
  • The system includes an automatic shut-off valve from NSF-listed materials.
  • Lead-free, long-reach chrome faucet included.
  • The system meets California AB1953 requirements.
  • Cartridges, valves, fittings, sump wrench, white mounting bracket, and professional installation included.

AXEON® Water Technologies is a leader in engineering and manufacturing reverse osmosis systems, water filters, and RO membranes. They are your trusted source for innovative water treatment smart solutions, components, parts, and services. They put their customers at the center of all they do, delivering solutions, the best quality, and distinctive products that are trusted for their reliability and backed by outstanding support.

AXEON® Solo I Reverse Osmosis System utilizes advanced membrane technology and features an integrated four-stage filtration process consisting of a sediment filter, sintered carbon block, RO membrane, and inline post-carbon.

AXEON Solo I Reverse Osmosis System houses three of its four cartridges inside a single housing, making servicing fast and easy. The fourth stage can either consist of an inline post carbon for even better-tasting water or an optional remineralization cartridge that will naturally balance your water’s pH level.

Ensure clean water for your home with a free estimate on your drinking water system!

Want to keep the water in your home safe and clean? A reverse osmosis drinking water system is just what you need to remove harmful contaminants and Maine Radon & Environmental can help. Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Windham, Portland, Brunswick, and nearby ME!

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